At Kessler’s Guest House each of our eight Old World Kingdom guestrooms has complete private bathroom facilities. Make Reservations Today! Call 1(920)693-8379. Kessler Guesthouse Hotel is by Maitowoc, WI 54220 or Kessler Guesthouse Hotel is by Sheboygan, WI, the only Hotel located near LTC, Kessler Gusethouse Hotel just of cty XX Cleveland, WI 53015. There is plenty to do in the Manitowoc, WI Sheboygan, WI and Cleveland WI areas Check out our Local Events page.

Come and experience a touch of the old world in the heart of the new world. Kessler’s Guest House Hotel was designed with German style German Artisan Franz Johannes Kessler. Kessler’s Old World Guest House Hotel was built by Franz and his Wife Kay over three detailed years ~ along with a generous amount of help from family and friends. The design was inspired by German Guest houses Franz and Kay have enjoy while traveling the Old World. Kessler Hotel is only 10 minutes north of Sheboygan, WI. Kessler Hotel is 10 minutes south of Manitowoc, WI and only a minute east of I-43 on Cty XX you will see Kessler Guesthouse Hotel Cleveland, WI.

Experience a taste of The Old World in one of our guestrooms, including on that is handicap, all rooms are themed after one of the old German Kingdoms accessible While many of these areas are not part of modern Germany (Alsace, Basel, Tyrol), they are part of the old German speaking kingdoms and reflect eight hundred years of our family history.
Kessler's Old World Guesthouse Hotel - 1(800)604-6773 Cleveland, WI - Manitowoc, WI - Sheboygan, WI
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Kessler's Old World Guesthouse Hotel Bed & Breakfast - 1(800)604-6773 Cleveland, WI - Manitowoc, WI - Sheboygan, WI
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