Four generations separate Kessler's Guesthouse History here in the U.S. and our relatives living in the "Old Country". Make Reservations Today! Call 1(920)693-8379 to stay in this hand-built sturdy Old World Hotel with Old World ingenuity over a three year period. Each of our Eight Kingdom Guest Rooms are modeled after Eight Old World Kingdoms.
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Kessler's Old World History

Four generations separate our lives here in the U.S. and our relatives living in the "Old Country". The connection was distant and unfamiliar, not knowing the city or even the state/country that they originated from a visit to a retired army buddy living in Karlsruh in 1989, proved to be the catalyst that began my search for my roots, or as the "Old World" says, Stumpf Baun.

While in Germany, we stayed at a very old country guesthouse at the north end of the Black Forest. The feeling of being home was overwhelming and a quick glance at the local phone book revealed page after page of Kesslers. Letters to these German Kesslers resulted in a flood of family information and the revelation of the birth places of my great-great grandparents.

Many return trips to the southern Rhine district, strengthened the bonds between my family and my "Old World" family. We also fell in love with the country guesthouse that we stayed in. This, in turn, led to the idea of buying one of these guesthouses. Persistence paid off and my wife finally agreed to go along with me and our search for our German guesthouse. As our search continued, an unforeseen obstacle suddenly appeared. That obstacle was named Andrew and was our first grandchild. Gone immediately was any thought of relocating to Europe and leaving the new "jewel" in our lives

The dream of owning and operating a guesthouse did not die. After what ended up being several years, the idea of building an Old World guesthouse was always knocking at the door.

Finally, with the help of family and friends, we began the task of pursuing our dream. After many years of hard labor, our "labor of love" was completed. Not only did we design our guesthouse, we built it and the guestroom furnishings ourselves. We now own and operate a true old world-style guesthouse here in the middle of America's heartland.

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